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Covid 19 Getting Back to Golf And Normality

Getting back to golf after Covid 19 may have been very strange for a lot of people. Conversely, maybe you are preparing yourself for when you come out of lock down and start moving round and playing golf again.

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I know a lot of courses in the US have still been open with certain restrictions in place but at least people could get out and play. However you feel it will be good to know we are gradually starting to see a normal life. I suppose it will never be quite the same.

Golf after Covid 19

Time To Get Back To Golf

If you are a golfer who is passionate or just a casual player knowing that you are able to play golf after Covid 19 has got be a great feeling. When you have the chance to play again after a period away from the course there is always apprehension. Which is normal, but as soon as you have started the round everything will start to become familiar again.

There are two ways of looking at how you should go about the preparation to play. Just play and don’t care how it goes or you can plan some serious preparation. This would include everything from starting the day perfectly with a light workout and health breakfast.

Decide what outfit you are going to wear so you feel good. Time you want to arrive at the golf club so you can prepare like a Pro. Some putting, then some chipping, off to the range to work through the clubs. Then a final chip and putt before teeing off.

Why Should I Think Of A New Set Of Clubs

If you have the thoughts you want a brand new start to golf, like you are starting out in life again. You may be thinking about a new set of clubs, there are some amazing deals. No one has been playing and manufactures want to start selling again.

One important reason to change your clubs could be you have always promised yourself that you were going to buy a new set. Maybe you have always had some bad luck with the final few holes when you have a good score going. The decision is to make a clean change will remove that excuse and better scores will happen with some new sticks!

Golf is very much psychological, from wearing the new shirt, putting on your socks the right way in the morning. All these things make a difference to some peoples mind, where others just don’t care and go play and have no expectations.

Callaway Have a Great Product

I have always played Titleist clubs but recently started to check out the Callaway range and noticed a lot of the Pros were using them. I went to the company’s website and I was amazed with the options available and many great looking sets of irons for under USD1,000.

So I am looking forward to trying a set out as soon as possible, my woods are ok and I don’t want to spend too much. The Mavrik Max, really look good, if you wanna take a look click here.

When you have a new set of clubs you feel invincible. When you hit them on the range and the ball just flies off the club you feel really good about yourself. Now you have new clubs the game will have to be better. Playing partners are taking an interest in the new weapons in the bag. Of course some shots are better than others but new clubs in the bag and the feel good factor is a massive boost to confidence.

Golf after Covid 19

The Post Covid Golf Policies

Will be interesting to see how this plays out, wearing masks, no touching flags, no shaking hands, one cart per player etc. I suppose we have no choice really as everyone is different. Clubhouses with spaced out tables and chairs, limited menus, no valet parking and sanitizer at every turn. Some people may have had the virus and don’t know it. Others catch everything going around so have to be careful.

Need to get used to playing at a distance from each other, especially on the Tees, no high fives. 2 balls at some courses and at least 10-15 minute intervals between groups. Make sure no one touches your clubs or asks to try them out, it will all be very strange. For courses that use carts and have caddies, they will have screens fitted between player and caddy!! I think it’s better to carry or trolley your own bag, but in Asia its part of the game and mandatory to have a caddy.

Over time, I am sure the policy’s will relax and we will eventually have club presentations and closer contact will be normal. Do I think golf will be as enjoyable with the policy’s no of course not. How can you enjoy having to wear a mask at all times (in Asia) and you will sweat and it will be very uncomfortable. In the UK no government laws in place, as yet, on wearing masks so we shouldn’t see many masked golfers!

The restrictions listed below for golf after Covid 19 are from a club in Asia, pretty comprehensive eh!


  • Bookings must have the names of all players confirmed 72 hours in advance, with the mobile phone number of the member making the booking. When checking in at the Pro Shop the mobile phone numbers of all players must be provided.
  • To provide physical distancing around the clubhouse and on the course, tee time intervals will be 14 minutes apart.
  • No valet parking.
  • Everyone will be screened for their temperature before they enter the clubhouse and each time before they enter the restaurant. Any person with a temperature over 37.5C will not permitted to enter the club or use any of its facilities.
  • Face masks to be worn always and in all areas of the club except when eating and drinking.
  • Only 2 people will be allowed to check in at the pro shop at a time with 2 people queuing on the designated area while waiting. Others must queue outside.
  • The locker rooms will be open with social distancing practiced.
  • The showers, sauna, steam room and jacuzzies will be closed.
  • The restaurant will be open with a limited menu available.
  • No alcohol will be served at the restaurant or the kiosks.
  • Tables will seat a maximum of 4 persons and will be a minimum of 2 meters apart.
  • The restaurant will close for 15 minutes every 2 to 3-hour period for the cleaning of the air con system.
  • The clubhouse will be closed at 7:30pm each day to allow time for sanitization of all areas in preparation for the following day.
  • Golf carts have been modified with a protective curtain between the driver (caddie) and the player.
  • All golf carts have undergone a deep clean and will be sanitized before and after each round.
  • One caddie per player.
  • Maintain appropriate social distance from caddies. Only take clubs from caddies by the grip.
  • Caddies are not permitted to hold umbrellas.
  • We strongly recommend that all players maintain a minimum of 2 metres from each other when playing golf and to not shake hands.
  • Golfers should wash their hands or use hand sanitizing gel at regular intervals before, during and after their rounds.
  • When stopping for refreshments at the kiosks a maximum of 4 golfers per table will apply.
  • The flagstick is not to be touched and must remain in the hole.


If You Are Not In It You Can’t Win It

I hope that Golf after Covid 19 is not going to distract from enjoying yourself. Your first outing has got to be better than staying indoors. At least you will be golfing even though not quite as you used to, anyway if you are interested in new clubs check this out;

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Maybe this is your chance to start fresh. Golf after Covid could be a game changer!

Happy golfing and good Luck!