Suffer The Pain of Discipline or Suffer The Pain of Regret

Suffer The Pain Of Discipline Or Suffer The Pain Of Regret

Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret

I saw the words in the title of this post on the wall of a boxing gym in a film and I thought YES how true that is. To suffer the pain of discipline is worth it, unfortunately we live in a world of instant gratification and we find it hard to change who we are and do things we are not used to. This leads the majority of people to end up no where near where they would like to be in income and lifestyle instead justifying to themselves and friends that they are OK with life but deep down they know they are not.

I hope this post will hit a nerve that may help you explore a few things that you have an interest in and take action to make them happen for you and people close to you.

Why We Do What We Do

Interesting but obvious answer, we develop habits and habits are hard to change, however IF you have ever had a hobby or interest that you have pursued its amazing how we change our priorities to make sure we can get better at it or spend more time enjoying it, golf is a great example of this.

I am a golfer and I know too well how much time I would spend pursuing the game to get better, not just practice and playing but equipment, lessons, tournaments, trips to special courses at home and overseas.

We as the animals we are will always find a way to do the things we want and need, sometimes to our detriment. When times are tough we end up doing things we would have never thought we could. But the situations meant we had to suffer the pain of discipline. So to change we need to make the brain work and take some time to ask ourselves some tough questions;

  • Are we really happy with life
  • Do we really like or job
  • Is the business you have going as well as you would like
  • Are there places you would love to go but for some reason that box has not been ticked
  • You may not spend as much time as you would like with your family
  • you don’t seem to have the time for anything – always too busy
  • have not saved enough money

I am sure there are many other questions.

Why Is It Hard To Suffer The Pain Of Discipline

The reason is – anything new in your life takes EFFORT and TIME to make it work, I think fitness and the gym is a great example, if you have ever made a decision to get fit or fitter we have these thoughts buzzing around in our head we buy new clothes for the gym, maybe join a gym or sign up for classes and look at better eating habits.

Now what happens to 95% of people…. after 2/3 months they gradually miss the odd class or training session, start to eat junk food and snacks. Convince themselves that its not a problem, the teat was deserved as they had been going to the gym. In reality, they had probably done enough so in another 3-4 weeks they would have started to see some amazing results and feeling of success. But But But ….to suffer the pain of discipline would give better results.

How Can We Change

I firmly believe we have to have challenges in our life to make the change OR we have to desire to do something enough that the passion and belief help you to make the changes. Changes in your life can be hard one to overcome as its easy to get depressed and blame everyone and that you were never meant to be successful or lucky! Ha I am sure you will agree we make our own luck!

I would like you to look at a very successful group of people from all walks of life who are making an effort to change their situation as well as help people enjoy their hobbies our passions more easily, AS WELL as making their own life better through more income but most importantly having time to do what they want with their loved ones or friends.

Being able to pursue success and accomplishment that breathes new life into yourself, when you see people involved in a success and education network and realise that this could be something that will help you to achieve more and allow you to be your own boss in time and money you will get excited.

How Will We Feel When We Make The Change

Well of course it feels great – it really is a lot better than that as you think different you feel different and you will make better decisions. Imagine have an interest that you have turned into an online business, you could be selling an E book on how to eat better or found a niche in cats, which is your passion, and people are signing up for your newsletters and making purchases from your website, how good would that be.

Your time being involved in something you love would feel like you were just having a great time every day, wouldn’t matter how many hours you had worked. You are in control, you have systems in place and you have created time to do things with family, loved ones that you had only dreamed of.

Making a success only comes from making sacrifices and when you get through the tough challenges you feel so much better, time goes too quickly and you can wish your life away. The changes, whether it is just a simple thing you change in your life today or by viewing the group I am involved with DO IT as you will only become a better person from trying. Timing may not be right now, but at least you will have asked yourself some questions and that’s the most important thing!

Suffer The Pain Of Discipline Or….

Life is what you make it and you can always do more, money isn’t everything but Yes it does make a difference. I would urge you to read this book no affiliate links! just a link to Tim Ferris’s website, this book will amaze you IF you have a want to streamline your life and live life like a Millionaire even if you are not.

Very practical help and an abundance of useful information, with this and Wealthy Affiliate, the group I am a member of you will be well on your way to changing some things in your life, IF not right now but soon.

Good luck and let me know if you like this post and any questions drop me a line at;

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