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The Beginning With Affiliate Marketing

How to begin affiliate marketing is a challenge if you have heard many stories, like “I tried that but it didn’t work” take a few minutes to read through the following so you can understand fully what is involved, how it works and the good, bad and the ugly.

How to begin affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing

Well to put it simply you are a “middle person” for a company or person who has a product that you people in your “niche” (your area of interest) would possibly buy. These products can be downloadable information products or real products that would be delivered to the end user.

Whatever you are going to market or promote you are only involved in the marketing and promotion. Delivery is taken care of by the owner of the product and they will pay you a commission for your efforts. This can by every 2 weeks or monthly and nearly every company with a website which sells products/services will have an affiliate program. So all you have to do is contact them and ask if you can join.

The most important thing to remember when looking at products or services is how long has the company been around. Check the product is up to the standard you would use. Don’t rush into promoting a product just because it looks and sounds good, do some Google searches and read reviews.

Who Will You Get Involved With?

How To Begin Affiliate Marketing depends also on your passion and interests. Look around for the suitable product or service to promote for a reputable company that has some track record. More importantly you need to get aligned with the right education, now that can be more of a headache than the products to promote! Why, you ask – because there are a lot more bad than good!

The first port of call for you I would suggest is Wealthy Affiliate, here is a brief summary of what they offer;

  • Completely FREE to Get Started!
  • Been online and in business for more than 10 years
  • Very simple Getting Started Training.
  • Full Tutorial & Video training, Courses which include Classroom training
  • More than 650,000 community members who will always help
  • Fully Interactive Classrooms
  • Live Help available even in the early morning hours
  • Minimum of 2 Free, Professionally Designed Websites
  • State-of-the-art Fast & Secure Hosting
  • Access to Experts & Millionaires with years of experience
  • A spam free environment.

This is where you can really start to learn about what is involved and how to do it. It’s not really difficult it just will take some time to learn and set yourself up correctly. I have been a member since 2007 and the upgrades and changes are amazing. I know when you have experienced what is available you will be fired up to get your idea up and running!

You Will Need a Website

Of course how to begin affiliate marketing requires a website, your shop if you like. Whether you are going to sell an online course or a physical product that someone else owns. Building a website today is so simple anyone can do that within Wealthy Affiliate. There are numerous sites that promote free sites but be aware you will have extras to pay for and no real support with these smaller website only companies.

With WA you will have a step by step path to follow which will be via the written word and video, this makes it very easy to follow.  Just like painting by numbers, you will not believe how easy it is! You will have to add some content but this is all outlined within the training and may seem daunting at first. But if you have a good interest and some passionate knowledge to share the writing and content will not be an issue. Grammar, spelling etc is taken care of by the software available within WA.

With WA you can also purchase your own domain name (Premium Members) and hosting is also included, when you start out you can still build 2 websites with the free membership, click here to open an account and check everything out.

How Will People Find My Website?

As you add content there will be words you use to attract people interested in your products and services, within Affiliate Marketing we call these “keywords” meaning they are the words that people will search for in Google and here at WA we have a resource called take a look to check it out. There is a great video that explains everything just click on the Jaaxy Help button as shown in the image below.


As time moves on the search engines will find your site and it will start to rank. You will learn more ways to attract visitors and generate income streams. All the ways listed below will help you to achieve better rankings, in turn more visitors and income.

  • Writing Content
  • Google rankings which will come from content
  • Creating Videos
  • Advertising Buys
  • Paid Traffic

Within Wealthy Affiliate you have a detailed “health” report of your website. Very easy to understand what needs doing.


How to begin affiliate marketing is all about following your dreams and implementing the information I have shared. Wealthy Affiliate will give what you need worth to get your bases in place. You could spend time trying to do things quickly but just like building a house.

If the foundations are poor the house will not stay standing for long, affiliate marketing is no different. Your online experience will be more profitable based on the time you take to putting in the foundations.

“Softly, softly, catchee monkey”, Old English proverb means that if do not rush or if you avoid being too hasty, then eventually you will achieve your goal – in other words, be patient.

Make sure to check all aspects of whatever platform you may choose to invest some money & time in and I can assure you that by taking WA on a trial run will be the best choice you can make, there is everything you want and all areas of Affiliate Marketing are covered comprehensively.

Check this post on my site to get an idea of the money that some of the blogs/websites are making per month, it is quite staggering when you actually take a look at the websites!!

Good Luck!


Any questions you can leave a comment or email me directly at;

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