My Wealthy Affiliate Review

My Wealthy Affiliate Review

Passion and Truth

I first of all wondered why I needed to do this review as there is so much on the internet about Wealthy Affiliate and I have written a few posts about the benefits. However the light went on recently when I was thinking my Wealthy Affiliate Review – Passion and Truth was definitely needed.

This review will help the people seeking a real and true account of what to expect as there are so many people missing the truth if they just scan through a few searches in Google PLUS.

In my eyes there are no negatives to Wealthy Affiliate and if you take some time to go through my review below I think you will believe me, oh there maybe one negative … and that is you won’t get rich overnight!! I urge you to try all the offers of $1,000 plus plus within 30 days and see how much money they try and squeeze out of you for upgrades etc, nothing like that here at Wealthy Affiliate.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate

Imagine a University with all the classrooms having a teacher 24/7 giving you all the CORRECT information to build an online business and then you have a group of like-minded people who you can also ask questions and get help and you yourself will also be in a position to help others too.

This WA University has all the live webinars recorded so that you can access them 24/7 which educate you on different aspects of online business building, there is also a section where you can purchase domain names and you get free hosting.

Then for the content that is required for your website there is a Keyword research tool as well as a content building platform which will make sure when creating Site content it is good for Google SEO rankings, as there is an algorithm that will check for unique content.

Take a quick look here

So to sum up what Wealthy Affiliate IS – you have a complete University of teachers, mentors, knowledge and more PLUS all the tools you need to build your own online business, there is so much scope to build your OWN online business that will not be in direct competition to others as we all have our own personality and way of communicating.

So even though you may want to be in the “cat” niche,  you and your site will be individually yours, even though you may promote similar products,  just like in life some people will like you and some won’t, your website will attract some people and not others.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate you have EVERYTHING that is needed to achieve success online, please read on as I will detail some real benefits that I believe are needed and available here when you are seeking the SUCCESS platform you want to align yourself with.

Check for yourself here to read why affiliate marketing is a real business

Hosting and Domains with Wealthy Affiliate

When starting an online business you need to have your own space or internet real estate, this will be your website and you will need a domain name plus the hosting to support it so that your site is up 24/7 for people to find you. Hosting and Domains is a massive business and you only have to do a Google search for those 2 words and the results will blow your mind.

Hosting & Domains

Now that is a lot of results, I, for one, when looking for a company to join would not want to then be hunting for another company to purchase my domains and then try to find the best hosting prices and service. I have bought domains from different companies and as soon as I have bought the domain there is a constant stream of promotion emails or up sells now and again and customer support can be difficult.

Wealthy Affiliate offer both with no additional charges or conditions, not only that they have a site builder called SiteRubix which allows you to build a new site without buying a domain first BUT you can, if you want, then transfer the website to a new domain when and if you want.

Check here to see a walk through on how this would be done This was just one of the many “how to” articles within Wealthy Affiliate written by Kyle who is one of the owners at WA, Carson is the other owner and they have been together from the start and are very active within the Membership not only with training but 1 on 1 support and answering questions on a daily basis.

This, as far as I am concerned is a major benefit when starting out with your own online presence, very easy to buy the domain, can use PayPal or credit card and the hosting is FREE! A no brainer as it is all part of the platform.

Build a website


There is so much training that you can always find what you need, first of all there are classrooms, then live video classes, you will be notified by email as to when they are live so you can join and have questions answered at the end of the training BUT they are also recorded and instead of listing them one by one you can search with an appropriate keyword for what you want help with and go straight to the video, you could scroll through them but there are many!WA Classrooms

The training is for new people as well as experts as it has been thoughtfully planned so everything is covered for the Membership which currently exceeds 850,000, there are over 1,000 training modules and the classrooms show completely different business models that you can learn and develop to generate a full time income online. This training is always growing so that no one is left behind as the Internet changes or new tools and techniques are introduced.

The training is very much to the point with short introductions, you are best advised to follow from start to finish but if you know what you are looking for you can scan through easily and the fact the training have a video as well as a transcript of the video it is so simple to go back over certain information to guide you to a satisfactory result.

I like the simplicity of navigating around the training, it is very simply to search on the home page of Wealthy Affiliate to find the training you want or answer any query you may have.

Tools to Support Your Business

I have mentioned the life blood of you business, Domains and Hosting, however there are many other tools that are included with Wealthy Affiliate;

  • 3 Click Website builder known as WordPress Express
  • Keyword Research and Competition tool known as Jaaxy (this is an additional feature which you would pay for if desired)
  • Access to more than 2,400 website themes and templates
  • 40,000 different plugins available for your website
  • Site content editor – aids you to write perfect articles

Membership and Community

There are 3 different levels of Membership as follows;

Free Membership USD0.00

You can simply enrol online at the WA home page, as a free member, you can learn how to set up a blog and make money with it as well as developing 2 free websites by using the free entry level training. You can stay a free member for as long as you like but you will only receive limited communication and the Premium training/videos will be locked, the free membership is for new people to look around and see what WA has to offer and IF you are serious about developing an online business then you will want upgrade to one of the other 3 Memberships.

Premium Membership USD49.00 Monthly

Premium Membership will be on a month by month Membership at USD49.00

However you can try Premium for USD19 for one month after you have signed up for a free account to test and check out the WA platform.

BUT if you pay annually it is USD495 with complete access to all areas. There is also a NEW Premium Plus Membership at USD995.00 per year.

As I write there is a Black Friday Special (click and see if its still available!

  • Live Help Unlimited – Starter is only 1st 7 days
  • Websites 50 – Starter 2
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training ALL Phases – Starter only Phase 1-
    This is an opportunity to make money from promoting Wealthy Affiliate
  • Keyword Research Tool UNLIMITED – Starter 30 searches
  • Training Classroom 12 – Starter 2
  • Affiliate Program 2 x as much commission as Starter
  • One on One Coaching UNILIMITED – Starter 1st 7 Days
  • Private Access to Owners YES – Starter No
  • Web Support 24/7/365 – Starter No
  • Website Feedback YES – Starter No
  • Website Comments YES – Starter No
  • Website Analysis YES – Starter No
  • Private Messaging – Starter No
  • Website Security YES – Starter No
  • Live Video Classes YES – Starter No

As you can see for anyone who seriously wants to build an online business and make it happen the Premium is the way to go and the final Membership option is below 🙂

Annual Premium Membership USD495.00 & Premium Plus USD995 NEW

OK this Membership is for the ones who are serious about wanting to share their passion with people looking to solve a problem – what this means is people are searching on the internet everyday on how to solve a problem they have or buy something they need or to make them feel good and enjoy life more.

With the Annual Membership you have made the decision to build an online business that will not only provide a solution for all the people that find your website but also satisfy your desire to have a lifestyle that you control, this is not just about money but the type of life you want to live and enjoy.

I know that the Wealth Affiliate Community is 2nd to none and you have access to very successful online business people as well as the owners who are 24/7 behind what they have put together.


I hope I have given you an invaluable insight into what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and how it can/could help you with what you were thinking when you found my site, we all have desires and ideas and the online business opportunity is the only way to help yourself while helping others.

Click here to check out the very special WA Black Friday offer

Hope its still available…….

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