The Truth About Affiliate Marketing – Is It a Real Business?

The Truth About Affiliate Marketing

Is It a Real Business?

So how can you believe the truth about affiliate marketing – is it a real business when you can work from your computer at home or by the beach………. is it real?

Take a look at these Blogs below;

The Huffington Post Arianna Huffington $2,330,000 Pay Per Click

Techcrunch Michael Arrington $800,000 Advertising Banners

Mashable Pete Cashmore $600,000 Advertising Banners

Perez Hilton Mario Lavandeira $450,000 Advertising Banners

Noupe The Blonde Salad $200,000 Private Advertising

Smashing Magazine Vitaly Friedman $190,000 Advertising Banners

SmartPassiveIncome Pat Flynn $153,000 Affiliate Commissions

Timothy Sykes Timothy Sykes $150,000 Affiliate Sales

Tuts Plus Collis Ta’eed $120,000 Membership Area

Life Hacker Gina Trapani $110,000 Advertising Banners

So I am sure you can see that Blogging or building an internet based business can pay dividends!

How To Prepare to Enter the Internet World

The affiliate marketing truth is important and some research will give you that.

Well you must have seen all the people promoting products on how to make money on the internet, IF you are looking that is ……….. WHY would you be looking? well like many people you are probably looking for a way to “do your own thing” and control your destiny.

Affiliate Marketing is the one business where you can do that AS LONG AS you have prepared correctly and ready to welcome the truth about Affiliate Marketing – is it a real business.

If you don’t know what Affiliate Marketing is –

It is ….

“a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.:

Read on ……..

Preparation is key, we all know that but do we always follow what we know is right …. Most don’t because we are busy and will see a new opportunity and try to shortcut the instructions and then decide it won’t work for us.

Let me suggest, before jumping at any internet based opportunity, look at what YOU want for yourself, family, children etc. IF you can spend sometime on this and write down what you would like you will develop a reason for starting and following through with a new business opportunity, whether it’s internet based or a conventional business.

The next step in preparation is to brain storm what you would like to do on the internet, Blogging is very popular and can be a great source of long term sustainable income. As well as that look for an Affiliate program that you believe in and that you feel you could promote.

Picking the Right Program to Help You

Well this is a BIG one as there are so many people promoting many programs to help you build your business. This is where you need the truth about Internet Marketing…. How do you know which program? as every email you open and look at seems the best opportunity UNTILL you pay for it!!

My suggestion is yes, look around, but really look for genuine people WITHIN the program who have made a leap of faith and are finding the program giving them what they need to get to where they want to get to.

Make sure you can ask questions of people using the program as well as asking the owners questions too, you need a program that has everything you need and is accessible whenever you want to learn or work on your project. Live webinars that are recorded so you can view them when you are ready, hosting, website building facilities that are simple etc.

You also want to keep away from all the ‘opt-in” for more information sites and offers – the reason being you will distracted like you can’t believe and will end up becoming so frustrated because you are making little or no progress. Trust me I have been there and done that! Finding the Truth About Affiliate Marketing – Is It a Real Business is the way forward!

What To Do When You Find The Right Program

OK so you feel comfortable with the people and company you have decided to go with and any good Internet based business information provider will give a 30-60 day trial or refund or maybe USD1 for the first month.

So you do have peace of mind that you are not investing too much to start with – but there lies another challenge, it is very easy to sign up, no real cost but you have great intentions and nothing happens – signing up is signing up – ACTION is required to learn and implement your new-found knowledge.

Just start with the basic course to understand what you are doing or if it’s a simple Blog about your favourite hobby and you will eventually recommend related products – JUST WRITE SOMETHING ……..

As soon as you do something, even if it’s a small Hello this is my Blog about ………. you will be making progress.

When You Start Don’t Stop

Now when you first thought about starting an Internet business and you read about all these people making a great income and having the perfect lifestyle – the REAL ones who are making money and having a great lifestyle (remember IF it sounds too good to be true it probably IS) are only achieving it because they are “working” at it and have passion for the niche they are in. Now how much time you have to give this business per day/per week is the decision you have to make.

IF it’s just 30 minutes a day then make that a “serious” 30 mins and have a list of what you want to do

  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • yearly

Then as you move on set goals to aim for and these will dictate what you need to do daily. The biggest challenge is to want everything to happen too fast, the important thing is to make sure your foundations are solid, you understand and have people to ask if you don’t know.

Keep your mind on WHY you want to do this, what you are looking to achieve and you will ultimately get there.


Now I don’t know what type of business you want to develop on the Internet but for me I like to have a great information platform around me and a solid program I can promote and all that is needed technically to support my needs.

Take a look at this and you will see the truth about affiliate marketing and how people are succeeding, learning and helping each other and in turn earning!

Check out my own Wealthy Affiliate review here

Any questions you can leave a comment or email me directly at;

The truth about Affiliate Marketing Is It a Real Business?
Affiliate Marketing Truth

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